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Thursday, 23 November 2017
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LCD TVs - An Overview

In recent years LCD televisions have taken over from the traditional CRT television in the TV market. LCD TV technology has now reached the point where picture quality is subjectively extremely good and is catching up with PLASMA technology in the larger screen sizes.

As the price of LCD TVs continues to fall it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to hang on to their old, bulky CRT set. LCD TVs are the elegant solution, taking up a fraction of the floor space of a traditional television. If you mount your LCD TV on a wall, or sit it on a shelf, then all your valuable floor space is once again yours.

LCD TVs typically start at 15" which is a good size for e.g. kitchens or for those people who are not into watching loads of television but who still want a TV in their livingroom. To give you an idea of how the technology is moving, in October 2004 40" to 45" sets were widely available, and Sharp announced the manufacture of a 65" set. Shortly afterwards, in March 2005, Samsung announced an 82" LCD TV. In August 2006 LG Philips announced a 100" set.

Clearly our television viewing experience is undergoing enormous change at the moment. Technology is racing ahead but prices are falling and competition is keen. Make sure that you check out the prices of different manufactures and stores before upgrading or making the move to an LCD TV.

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