Anonymous life insurance quotes

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Privacy Policy

Anonymous life insurance quotes

If you've ever tried getting a life insurance quotation online then you've probably found that you nearly always have to provide your personal details in exchange for the quotation.

Now, it's quite reasonable that you have to provide some details. The sort of things that affect a life assurance quotation are your age, your sex and your health. Health might include questions about your smoking habits. These are normal questions and of course you have to answer them if you want to get a life insurance policy.

But should you have to give out your name and address just so that you can get a quote for life cover? Of course not. Unfortunately many companies do ask for these details, but if you want to maintain your privacy then make sure you search for anonymous life insurance quotes. There are companies out there who will give you a quotation using on the details necessary.

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